Lukyzcaetano The_Phantom_of_The_Opera.svg beautiful clip art. My remix version has Erik (The Phantom) more dark and bad ass sporting a Jackson V electric guitar and a skull earring. I also added extra shading effects to his mask. For Christine her dress is decorated with fancy shapes. Her hair is now red with highlights with a nice flower remix. I gave her some gold earrings. Both characters now have a tear, since after all, it is a tragic tale. Thanks go to the following Open Clip Art artist, whose clip art I used to make this remix. Feraminal feraliminal_skull.svg Kuba victorian-ornament-2.svg Lukyzcaetano The_Phantom_of_The_Opera.svg worms_x worms_x_Flying_V_black_guitar.svg Jaschon paisley.svg Merlin2525 Dew_Drops_by_Merlin2525.svg Wild_Rose_Remix_by_Merlin2525.svg


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