Actually I don´t know where the silhouettes come from. I´m sure you´ve seen them before.
The rest is my own work. I made this for the big band show orchestra “Swinging Funfares”. They´re kind of local heroes in my city of residence - Duesseldorf (GER). You know, the city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 ; ) The typography is based on a free font called “Banana Split”. Just the initials are still the same (slightly modified). I constructed the remaining letters to modernize this type logo, but finally I made a new logo from the scratch. See it here: The stars are symbols, so you can spray 4 different stars with the spray tool. If you want to edit this set of stars, select it and go to Object->Expand. Repeat this until all instances are “broken”. The light rays (stripes) are symbols, too, so you can modify its apprearance just by editing one symbol. Have fun! Always be nice!
Take care about your Karma ; )


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