The Israeli government had passed the biometric database bill that says that in two years time (end of 2013), all the citizens of Israel will be FORCED to give their fingerprints and be photographed. This information would be entered to a database. In addition, every citizen will get a new smart ID card that will be used to identify civilians for different purposes. This database can be used to improve the citizen-government connection but it can also be breached and make us targets of framing; criminals can impersonate us and this would be a violation of civil rights and privacy. An older Israeli civilians' database was stolen in 2006 and was published on different websites around the world. It contained 9,000,000 records of Israelis. This database was and is used by privet companies and other individuals to prey on people and was used by orthodox Jews (allegedly and ironically) to steal money from the Israeli state. We are opposed to the biometric database not to the smart ID card. More info in Hebrew: To make these posters I used: "Eye" Uploader: Anonymous; Drawn by: The Structorr / Anonymous. "Fingerprint" Uploader: jhnri4; Drawn by: jhnri4. "Cardboard Box" Uploader: lekamie; Drawn by: lekamie. "Biohazard symbol (red).svg" from wiki (


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